Scale up your department

We are uniquely placed to support you to rapidly scale up your software delivery department – including hiring, coaching, process improvement and technology changes to support your new capabilities.

  • Is your business going great, and you want to expand into new markets – but your IT department doesn’t have the capability to meet the challenge?

  • Have you secured new funding, and need to increase capacity, hire new people, and create a development environment in which they can excel?

  • Are there new unmissable business opportunities emerging on the horizon – but you need new resources ASAP to be ready to deliver them?

Our experienced engineers, hiring specialists and team coaches will be delighted to assist you with both temporary and long term solutions to seamlessly scale up, make your customers happy, and deliver value for your business.

Temporal Scale Up


You have a set of features you need to deliver quickly, but this extra capacity is not needed long-term.
Or you plan to grow by hiring permanent personnel, but still need resources to carry out activities until the team is at full size

we deliver to you

  • Our skilled people blend into your existing teams, or form new teams to boost the productivity of your department
  • We work in alignment with your company’s values and culture
  • If applicable, our experienced team coaches can help you

Long term Scale Up


You need to strategically scale up your department for the years to come, find permanent staff and adjust your processes to match the increased scale and demands of your company

we deliver to you

  • We assist you in finding the right people for your department. We perform assessments for culture fit, teamworking and technical skills with candidates before sending them to interview at your company
  • If required, we can provide temporary resources who can help you rapidly increase productivity while the process of hiring for permanent positions is taking place
  • We can give on the job mentoring and training to new staff, with the aim of creating skilled seniors within 8 – 10 months
  • Using our experience of larger scale IT organizations, we can help you set up new processes tailored to your company’s needs as you grow

Scale up in a nutshell

There are several elements that can play a role in the process of scaling up an IT department. Here’s how we approach them.


The best teams are formed of permanent employees, and every company strives to attract the smartest engineers for their IT departments. With so much competition, hiring is a tough business. We know this from hands-on experience – this is what keeps our talent search department busy throughout every day.

There are an estimated 40,000 open positions for software engineers in the Netherlands right now. Dynamic markets like Amsterdam or London see fierce competition for software engineers.

Our experienced personnel use their long-standing hiring experience and wide network of candidates to help you reach the right people from the Netherlands and Poland.

Unlike regular head-hunting companies, we can provide you with an personalised unique service, with the following features:

We assess culture fit, technical and the team working skills of candidates

Interviewing takes time, and every candidate with a good looking CV that turns out not to be a match after a technical interview is a waste of both your and the candidate’s time. For every position there will be many people applying, but only a few of them will turn out to be a good fit.
Before even sending any candidates for your consideration, we assess them for culture fit and basic technical skills with regard to the profile you are looking for. Following this, we perform a pair-programming session with the candidate, to check their hard skills in more depth, together with an assessment of their team working skills (how they break down work into smaller tasks, what is their reaction to critique, etc.).

Only after they satisfy our requirements at this level do we put forward a candidate as a good fit for the role at your company – significantly reducing the chance that the candidate will not be suitable, and improving the speed and efficiency of the hiring process.

We offer attractive prices

Our hiring services are provided on a conditional fee basis with fixed prices – if we don’t find a suitable candidate, there is no charge.


On the job training for high potential intermediate candidates to develop them into seniors

If hiring in general is a challenging task, then hiring seniors is even harder. Many senior software engineers and dev ops specialists in the Netherlands work on a freelance basis due to the active market – as job security is comparable with permanent positions and income is higher.

Therefore, we advise our customers to hire high aptitude intermediate personnel with above-average learning potential, and let our seasoned engineers coach them on the job while they deliver your product roadmap. We have successfully used this process for many of our customers.

System architecture

The bigger your IT product is, the more thought you need to give to your system architecture. A monolithic stateless code system with a relational database underneath can work for a long time, but once your system grows, you need to break it down into smaller modules that work together in harmony.
Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of experience (sometimes the hard way) in decentralising large size IT systems. Based on this experience we usually give the following advice to most of our customers:

  • First and foremost, don’t succumb to the currently popular trends. What’s good for Netflix may not be a fit for your situation – your company needs a bespoke solution that fits your people and your business goals
  • Try to split your software into modules that represent only one business area each
  • Plan a gradual approach to dividing your system into smaller modules, and refactor (or if necessary, rebuild) existing elements based on change frequency. In other words, start with areas under active development, and not those with no outstanding defects on production, where they are unlikely to be changed in the future
  • Dividing a system into individual elements is not necessarily equal to switching to microservices (a concept that’s currently at peak popularity – despite the wildly varied definitions of what a microservice actually is). There must always be a strategic business reason why microservices should be introduced over other options.

Introducing the right process

Most modern IT companies use one of the agile based methodologies available. However, it’s not easy determining which agile process is best for your purpose. We can support you in making the right choice for your company, and help you in tailoring it to meet your specific needs.
For us, the right process enables you to efficiently deliver your goals in a seamless way – meaning the process helps you, instead of demanding that you take time and attention away from core duties to manage the process itself. Furthermore, the right process supports information exchange on different levels (between the team and the business, but also between members of the team itself), enables a transparent and clear way to track your roadmap status, control risks, integrate lessons learned from the past, and let your teams govern quality and releases – so that you can regularly deliver value to your customers, while avoiding production defects that take time and resources to resolve.

Our seasoned agile coaches and team leaders guide you through all steps of the transition, from analysing your current situation to defining the enhanced future state of your department so that you can take on large scale challenges.

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