We change the way software is built

We believe in software that meets your vision, is low-maintenance and fits your teams

Boost your team

Our specialists can integrate with your teams, help you deliver your product roadmap and coach your engineers in the workplace. All this at affordable prices.

Modernise your software department

We can help you turn your software development department into a modern organisation which is both a great environment for your team members to work in, and produces high quality software at a rapid pace.

Scale up rapidly

We are uniquely placed to support you to rapidly scale up your software delivery department - including hiring, coaching, process improvement and technology changes to support your new capabilities.

Boost your team

Modernise your software department

Scale up rapidly

Short About Us

  • We offer a top quality service at an affordable price
  • We practice a holistic approach to software development – where attention to people, technology, and processes are equally important
  • Pragmatic Brains attracts great talent because we offer ambitious professionals the opportunity to use their experience, knowledge and passion to deliver creative and practical business solutions

Our Approach

Our people integrate with your teams and deliver results that are aligned with your process and your company’s culture

We only hire seasoned software engineers who have extensive professional experience along with excellent communication and teamwork skills

More than 1/3 of our software engineers are also experienced technical trainers

We don’t use technology for the sake of technology. We solve business problems by bringing in the best technology exactly when it’s needed

Brain power… but always Pragmatic: We value technical craftsmanship with a solid theoretical base, combined with hands-on experience delivering complex projects

Our organization is an intellectual hub for technology – where our everyday work is creating new concepts, attending meetings, exchanging lessons learned, and writing articles to share our knowledge. This enables us to deliver the highest quality service to our customers, and excel at satisfying their needs

Our case study

Shaerp BV

The ambition of a Shaerp's client was to create a global, combined R&D department out of two recently merged companies. This combined R&D department would deliver a brand new video conferencing platform that could scale seamlessly on intercontinental calls.

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Technology we work with

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