Case study – SHAERP BV

The ambition of a Shaerp’s client  was to create a global, combined R&D department out of two recently merged companies. This combined R&D department would deliver a brand new video conferencing platform that could scale seamlessly on intercontinental calls. Pragmatic Brains was set on a mission to integrate both R&D departments, build up cross-office teams and help deliver the global video conferencing platform of the Shaerp’s client.

To accomplish the mission successfully we have performed the following tasks:

  • arranged cross-functional, cross-office teams based on product portfolio (parts of the future global platform)
  • introduced and instill modern software design practices on both strategic (components and their interactions) as well as tactical (code building blocks) level among the Shaerp’s client team members.
  • subsequently co-designed the video conferencing platform with an eye to meet business vision together with technical requirements
  • coached Shaerp’s client employees to improve their organization, teamwork and automated testing skills 
  • supported delivery effort with our software engineers who joined and blended in Shaerp’s client various teams


As a result of our activities Shaerp’s client:

  • operates the one, combined R&D department with highly motivated, accomplished team members and efficient cross office development processes
  • releases on regular basis new versions of their different products (parts of their global platform)
  • significantly improved teamwork and therefore velocity as well as quality of the delivered features
  • delivered roadmap within the agreed, tight deadlines



At Kinly, our vision is to engage people in a world of possibilities. As a result, we decided to extend our portfolio with a platform that can join together many different video rooms into a complete integrated solution to support complex processes such as courtroom sessions, healthcare services, and others. In order to jumpstart the delivery of this vision we sought to work with a company that possessed the necessary technical expertise and could quickly put together an efficient and effective team. Pragmatic Brains rapidly provided Kinly with expert engineers skilled in java development, parallel computing, devops and general systems design, a team who architected and subsequently delivered functionalities in weekly sprints as agreed in the plan. Thanks to Pragmatic Brains we were able to start providing value to our clients within months, while being able to defer decisions on how to scale up our internal team to match the new challenge. We recommend Pragmatic Brains for any company that looks to enhance their teams with exceptionally skilled engineers, who can easily integrate with your organization, and provide great value for money

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